Christian discipleship for those who wish to discover why they act the way they do, how Jesus meets them in this, and how to live differently.

When we counsel, we should examine the personality and history of a person. One of the biggest mistakes a counselor can make is when out of his own experience he tries to talk to a counselee. Different personalities, different histories, different experiences all lead to very different perspectives. Personality is the way God made our thinkers, doers, and feelers and how they continue to be. History is all the stuff that happened in our lives from birth until now. By looking at the two together, we can see why we act and respond the way we do. Knowledge, however, is only half the battle, for without power it does not give freedom. Counseling is rarely telling someone something he does not already know, but rather is giving words to something that make it clear and useful in real life. The power is in Jesus, but often that is hidden by one’s twisted concepts of God, legalism, or pride. Working through all these things with counselees and helping them see the freedom that comes from admitting where they are at help smooth the way toward seeing that Jesus is the only way out. All the power that is in Jesus is in us as believers, and through that power is the only way to live the Christian life. We have it, but often fail to recognize it. We do not have all the answers, but we have the answer, Jesus.

Counseling is offered by many facilities and people, and we want to be clear about what is and is not being offered. We do not offer psychotherapy. We offer Christian counseling best termed “discipleship” in today’s world. We believe in a holistic approach to counseling that deals with the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of a person in relationships, situations, and problems. Typically our discipleship will involve such things as discovering inadequate concepts of God, uncovering faulty identity messages received, determining the God-given temperament from which life is viewed, and discussing the past, present, and future in light of what God is doing in a person’s life with a view toward gaining healing and peace. Often a relationship with God is inhibited by emotional walls that have been built, and a process of removing those walls will improve a person’s outlook and attitudes as a healthy relationship with God is restored. Our goal is to be a participant in what God is doing to remove those walls.

Counseling is offered at no charge to those actively on the ALMI support team. All others will be informed of a suggested donation on a sliding scale. Checks should be made out to Abiding Life Ministries International.


Abiding Life counseling can be pursued in our Littleton, CO, office, as well as various other locations around the world. There are many who have trained under Mike Wells, Tim Lester, or others committed to the message who can provide consistent ALMI Christ-centered solutions to the spiritual, emotional, and physical problems of those who come to us for help. If you would like a referral to someone in your area, please contact the office to find out if we know of someone close by to recommend. You can also fly into Littleton, CO, or Hagerstown, MD, for counseling at either of these facilities. Please see Tim and Karen Lester’s page for more information about Hagerstown counseling. For the Littleton office: DIA is the nearest airport to the counseling office and is about a 50-minute drive away at the address shown below. There are many hotels in the area and some recommendations can be made if needed. Food, lodging, and transportation are the responsibility of the counselee.

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Hannah Morrell
8191 Southpark Lane, Unit 102
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Phone: 720-252-6837

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