Advanced Training #1 (Discipling the Individual), Hagerstown, MD

Tim Lester teaches Advanced Training #1 in Hagerstown, MD. Goal: Equip the discipler to present the basic principles of abiding in Christ. This training will answer the following three basic questions:

How and why do I act the way I do?

How do I stop without effort?

How do I stay on track?

Skills learned in this module include the following:

…taking a history

…giving and interpreting a Unique Self Test

…applying of the disciple’s life history

…offering practical strategies for spiritual warfare

…identifying the disciple’s real problem

…avoiding getting off target

…dealing with a resistant disciple

…letting people fail

…measuring success

For more information about the trainings, prerequisites or any other questions, please contact Tim or Karen Lester.

Contact info: Tim and Karen Lester, 13138 Cearfoss Pike, Hagerstown, MD  21740.
Tim  301-992-7306 Karen 301-992-9897
Tim email: Karen email:

Friday, 12 April, 2013
All Day Event


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